Healing Journey LLC

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Naturopathic Consult

At Healing Journey LLC, General Naturopathic Consult is primarily offered. On your first visit, Dr Delonnay take the time to discuss thoroughly about your emotional, mental and physical health. Based on your case requirements and in accordance with your comfort, an individualized recommendation plan will be suggested. Specialty tests with Dr'sData and Genova diagnosis are available.  Dr Delonnay is well appreciated for her solid knowledge of the medical science and her abilities to understand everyone in their own life context.

Anti-anxiety Program

  • She uses Mind/body techniques along with mental Emotional counseling, 

     Hydrotherapy, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine in her office. 

    You will also have access to the best brands of nutritional supplements as she carries an online dispensary, and everything you need will be delivered to your door.
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Detox/Weight management

  • Our weightmanagement/Detox program support the body's natural elimination systems. It includes: 
  • 3 Constitutional Hydrotherapy sessions, a detox diet plan and supplemental adjustment based on your conditions. 2 healthsnap evaluations 3 months apart.
  • At Healing  Journey LLC, we keep our price affordable.
  • We offer price reduction for our medicaid/ medicare clients, students and senior citizens discounts as well as sliding scales.

Heavy metal testing

Dr Delonnay  uses the OligoScan technology and other labs and specialty tests to measure heavy metals in the body. The oligoscan allows to make a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of her patients. It also helps to know the most efficient supplementation that would maximize the nutritional benefits for the patients. In case of heavy metal toxicity, chelating techniques are considered, supplements and/or lifestyle changes. Even more importantly, efficient mobilization is easily discernible with the Oligoscan.